#emblazerwomen Manifesto

At Emblazer, we constantly reflect on the question, “If today were our last day on earth, would we be proud of our work?”.

Our resounding answer is that we will be proud if we seize every opportunity to unlock our potential and positively impact the lives of others.

With this driving principle, we have reinvented the Blazer. Beyond its utilitarian purpose of covering your body like any other garment, our Blazers embody a powerful and resolute attitude. They are there for you in every moment that calls for strength and determination—whether you’re celebrating an achievement, making personal or professional commitments, or even when doubt tries to undermine your capabilities.

In essence, our mission is to dress you when you choose to be a leader in your own life. And let us remind you that leadership entails guiding disbelievers towards embracing their vision, empowering the powerless to overcome their weaknesses, and instilling hope in the hopeless.

It’s important to understand that every day, for the rest of your life, you will encounter opportunities to demonstrate leadership—wherever you are and in everything you do. Leadership is not merely a formal title; it’s about committing to excellence in all aspects of your life and personal growth.

This is where the concept of emancipation becomes a milestone for Emblazer. The Blazer, historically tailored for men, now symbolizes our unwavering commitment to female empowerment. We recognize that although many women have embraced the Blazer as a must-have in their wardrobes, access to education and active roles in the labor market are not yet global realities. We still have a long way to go in our fight for a world where opportunities are not dictated by gender.

With this vision in mind, we strive to create, promote, and amplify the power of women through our products, communication channels, and the Emblazer community.

So, we invite everyone who supports a women empowerment mindset to embrace the transformative power of Emblazer’s products, as a change-maker outfit choice.

Tatiana Gradil Madureira


Founder of Emblazer





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