#emblazerwomen Manifesto

At Emblazer we ask ourselves “if today was our last day on earth, would we be proud of our work?”

And our answer to this question is “that we will be proud of it if we don´t waste any opportunity regarding the potential we can leverage and the human lives we can touch positively”.

Based on this premise, we re-invented a product, that if seen in its utilitarian way, it’s just a Blazer to cover your body like any other piece of clothing.

But we want to show you that our Blazers were made not only with this purpose but to also be present in every moment that demands for a powerful and strengthful attitude: when you celebrate something, when you make a personal or professional commitment with yourself, or even when you are in doubt if you are capable of doing something.

Basically, we want to dress you when you decide to be a leader in your life.

And in case you don´t know, we want to remind you that the role of a leader is to help disbelievers embrace their vision, the powerless to overcome their weaknesses and the hopeless to develop faith.

So, to be clear, every day for the rest of your life you will be faced with the chance of showing leadership, wherever you are and in all that you do. Because leadership is a lot less about having a formal title, and a lot more about committing to mastery over all you do and in who you are.

This is where the word emancipation appears as an Emblazer milestone.

We found out that a Blazer would be the best tangible way in the fashion sector, to express our female empowerment mindset, since the history behind its creation shows that the target of this piece of clothing were only men.

Now, fortunately, we can see a Blazer as a must-have in many women´s wardrobe, that have the possibility to access education and have an active role in the labour market.

But we also know, that this is not a reality in the whole world, so we still have such a long path to fight for a world where the opportunities aren’t given based on gender.

With this in mind, we want to create, spread and turn the woman power even more visible through our products, means of communication and our Emblazer community.

We challenge you to commit with our beliefs by choosing Emblazer as your Change Maker outfit.

Tatiana Gradil Madureira


Founder of Emblazer





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